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文の最後によく使う「de-su-ga」という表現についてですが、これは「de-su, so-shi-te」を意味するときが多々あります。

つまり、「de su ga」は、接続詞の「and」と同じように使われます。

でも、「de su ga」は、英語では「but」と訳されます。

「Aです、しかしBです」という論理を表したい場合は「de su ga」を使うことは全く問題ありませんが、それ以外の意味で使うときは「de su ga」はできるだけ避けた方が良さそうです。

文と文を「de su ga」を使って接続せずに、1文ずつ完結させて話すと翻訳ツールの精度は上がります。




Due to the coronavirus, online lessons are becoming more and more popular these days.

I am finally able to offer lessons online.

When my son was little, about seven years ago, I was always sitting next to him as he took online English lessons.

I miss those days.

My son’s teacher was a bright and kind young man from an English school in the Philippines.

He often talked to my son about Pokémon and gave him fun lessons.

He always said he wanted to visit Japan someday.

I told him to come to Japan, too.

Even after my son stopped taking lessons, we kept in touch on social media and this year he finally got his wish to come to Japan!

He was very happy to be able to come to Japan, as he finally got his Visa.

We met at a restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo and had a great time chatting.

He was impressed by the number of people at the intersection in Shibuya. LOL!

I met him at the beginning of this year.

It was really nice to meet him before Corona, as that was when the Corona fiasco started.


About DeepL

There are a few things I’ve noticed using the DeepL translation tool.

Regarding the expression “de-su-ga”, which is often used at the end of a sentence, it often means “de-su, so-shi-te”.

In other words, “de-su ga” is used in the same way as the conjunction “and”.

But “de su ga” is translated as “but” in English.

It is perfectly fine to use “de su ga” when you want to express the logic of “it is A, but it is B,” but when you want to use it to mean something else, it’s best to avoid “de su ga” as much as possible.

You can improve the accuracy of the translation tool by speaking one complete sentence at a time without using “de su ga” to connect sentences.

If you speak only complete sentences in Japanese, it sounds a little strange, but in order to improve the accuracy of the translation tool, I’ll try to compose a Japanese sentence that sounds strange, but still mostly makes sense.